Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A healthy breakfast

Hot chocolate and malteasers. In my defence I'am at train station and the choice is a bit limited.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Handmade Monday

The past week has been a one of craft firsts- First I sat down and made a plan of what I wanted to make, not my usual style of crafting but one I think I'll adopt, then I cuts shapes out of glass instead of straight (ish) strips (need practice and some way to smooth the edges out so they are..err..smooth, I used glassline to draw on the glass and I made my first blank.  

My pieces of glass waiting to be fired

This is the blank I made... well done to Caroline who correctly guessed Poppies! When I was sat down designing I was thinking of big flowers and just ended up with poppies, I think Remembrance Sunday must have subconsciously paid its part.
For my first go I'm quiet happy with how this turned out though I'm not that keen on the bubbles and think I may have to alter my firing schedule next time..also I wanted the petals to be more separate... I guess its all about experimentation at this point.

I wasn't just setting out to make a flat piece, nope, time for another first.. slumping! I bought a soap dish mold and, with a bit of trepidation, I put that and the glass back in the kiln....

Not very good photos, but I think it turned out pretty well and was gifted to my mum who is using it as a candle holder and not a soap dish!

Have a great Handmade Monday  everyone.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Can you tell what it is yet?

It's really great to be back to posting on my laptop, I've been so meh this past few weeks that I've just been eating and sleeping, I haven't had the energy to use my laptop for decent amounts of time, instead relying on my phone to read everyone's blogs. I think in part it's my health being a bit poo and partly because of the time of year. I always feel better when its lovely and sunny and warm. Anyway....

I've had a productive day today, trying out a few new things with my glass. I've been attempting to make shapes, its not been totally successful but I know I'm a bit better now at scoring and breaking than I was at the beginning. I'm in that rare( for me!) state in that I have a good idea what I am planning to make, normally I just make it up as I go along. This time though I sat down and planned it all out, drawing what I wanted, then altering when I found fault with the design. I really enjoyed the whole process, choosing colours, doing a bit of research and getting started. I must say that even though I had a plan I still ended up changing things in the actual making stage. Here is a pic of some of the items I used and the progress I made today. I wonder if you can work out what I am hoping to make... It's not very obvious at this stage.

I was shattered after doing all that scoring and cutting out.

I went to clinic yesterday, it went OK, I've put on a whole kg! wooooot! Only one more and I'm at my target :D :D :D Also got jabbed in the arm with flu vaccine. It's strange after all the needles I've had but that one makes me a bit :S Still, the nurse fussed me and let my mum hold my hand! HAHAHA! I wasn't that bad!
My lung function is down on last time which wasn't a big surprise after all the drama of a few weeks ago with the pleurisy. Luckily it's not a massive drop, I'm on my lower side of normal and so I'm booked in to go for a course of I.V's but not for three weeks. I could have started now and done them at home but I like ( actually like isn't the right word.. maybe accept is better) to go in for a week, have a drug called aminophyllin over night which can't be given as an out patient, and do some heavy duty physio. I then do the last week at home. I'm already planning what to take in with me to keep me occupied.. you'd think after doing this for 26 years I'd have it down to a fine art. HA! My laptop is a must, maybe my epic beadspead project and some jewellery making bits and pieces so I can put together a few things while I'm in. This gives me a great excuse to buy some more beads :D

Hope everyone's having a great Thursday.


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bonfire night!

Hello! It's been a very busy few weeks, but more on that when I'm not posting from my phone and have full use of a keyboard!  Want to say a big thankyou to thatfuzzyfeeling for the concern shown on my last post, go check out her owls, they are super cute and I wanted to comment but my phone doesn't seem to let me... honestly, go check them out now!

Had a (very slow) wander around to the local playing fieldthis evening  where they had a huge bonfire and a fireworks display . My lungs aren't happy with the smoke or me right now , but I've told them to shush, I want to play with sparklers! Think I may stick myself on some oxygen for a bit to get rid of the low oxygen headache I have going on. There is line you have to walk when you have cf, you have to decide which risks are worth taking and the ones that are just too much to gamble on. Sometimes doing the right thing, (and I have been known to be sensible sometimes!) is the most frustrating, upsetting, soul bruising thing ever,but it needs to be done. It dies make the small risks feel like little victories though :)
I'll leave you with some (awful , taken on my phone) photos from tonight.


Oh... there is a pic of my zelda inspired pumpkin in there too :)