Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bonfire night!

Hello! It's been a very busy few weeks, but more on that when I'm not posting from my phone and have full use of a keyboard!  Want to say a big thankyou to thatfuzzyfeeling for the concern shown on my last post, go check out her owls, they are super cute and I wanted to comment but my phone doesn't seem to let me... honestly, go check them out now!

Had a (very slow) wander around to the local playing fieldthis evening  where they had a huge bonfire and a fireworks display . My lungs aren't happy with the smoke or me right now , but I've told them to shush, I want to play with sparklers! Think I may stick myself on some oxygen for a bit to get rid of the low oxygen headache I have going on. There is line you have to walk when you have cf, you have to decide which risks are worth taking and the ones that are just too much to gamble on. Sometimes doing the right thing, (and I have been known to be sensible sometimes!) is the most frustrating, upsetting, soul bruising thing ever,but it needs to be done. It dies make the small risks feel like little victories though :)
I'll leave you with some (awful , taken on my phone) photos from tonight.


Oh... there is a pic of my zelda inspired pumpkin in there too :)


  1. You really caught the fireworks at their peak - well done

  2. I love the pictures :) you did a good job there x hope you're feeling better soon hun, take care of yourself x

  3. Very cool pictures, I'd never have known they were taken on a phone! And yep there is certainly a line you have to tread and times when you just think "Oh sod it" (My sister had CF, I remember her 'shush lungs' moments very well ;) )

    Also you commented a while back about your sibling on my blog, and I replied, but I probably ought to have done on here. Thanks for sharing hun, I look forward to reading more posts from you, you have a great voice on here :-)