Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2016. Glass, Trips and Hospital Stays

Hello all!

It has been a while since I last blogged and it has been pretty eventful!

2016 was a busy one with lots of trips and nights away, the biggest trip being to Europe and my very first foreign holiday. It was amazing and yet scary, it's funny how reliant on being near my cf centre I am. But I was brave and off I, my boyfriend, and a group of friends went. Our trip took in France, Belgium and Germany so I went from never using my passport to needing it loads!  I saw my very first polar bear in Stuttgart zoo ( I have recently found out there is a place in the UK that has polar bears so that is a new place on the list to visit!) and was a (slightly scared )  passenger when my boyfriend took his car around the Nurburgring

Trying not to be sick on the ferry.


Touristy shot.

There were hippos! 

One of our planned trips was to Verdun to see the First World War Memorial. It was pretty sobering to be honest and I did have a little tear in my eye seeing all those graves, I couldn't help but think how scared they must have been and how broken there families must have been left. 

Another trip during the holiday was to Technik Museum Speyer. It was brilliant!! It was full of aeroplanes, boats, trains, cars, bikes and even a space shuttle. It was heaven for a geek like me. 

After the Euro holiday there were lots of day's out including a trip to see the Vulcan.

It was a surprise day out organised by my boyfriend who knows that I love the Vulcan ( dragging him to all the airshows to see it was probably a big clue) 

2016 wasn't all trips and good times though, there were a few stays in hospital including just before Christmas when I found myself with pneumonia.  It was a little scary that admission, I was in a lot of pain which made it hard to breathe, my infection markers were through the roof and my kidneys were failing.. yep, it was a bit rough there for a while...but I slowly got better and, while I'm not quite back to where I want to be (I'm so thin! I hate it. I have at least 6 kg to put back on. I can barely look at myself in the mirror at the moment. ) I'm much better than I was. I just need to get back in to my old routine now, I think that's one of the hardest thing to get back to when you have been away for weeks. I'll get there!

I managed to get home for Christmas! It was so good to eat, drink (no alcohol this time boo!) and be merry. I got to sleep in my own bed ( my favourite place in the world) and be with my family (my favourite people in the world) I was absolutely spoiled with presents including a glass cutter/ ring saw from my amazing fella. I have so many ideas that I am so impatient to try! It is going to help me make so many different things, I can see lots of glass being ordered in the next few months. 

I should be re opening my conscious crafties shop today, hurrah! And will be adding new products during the week . 

Have a great week! 

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