Monday, 18 January 2016

Wire, Pigeons and Squirrels.

It's been a good but busy, few days. Yesterday I went along to clay pigeon shooting with my boyfriend and a group of his friends for a birthday celebration/ activity. Now, I could never shoot anything with a pulse, big meat eater that I am I know that makes me a bit of a hypocrite, but I was looking forward to having a go and shooting the clays. However the weather was against me and we were blessed/ cursed with a thickish dusting of snow and freezing temperatures. I love snow and am like a big kid whenever we get any, but standing in a field for an hour or so left me absolutely frozen and I decided that shivering plus holding a gun probably wasn't the best idea. So I was in charge of the very important job of keeping score, It did look very good fun so hopefully, when the weather is warmer, it is something I can give a try. Afterwards we went to a pub/ restaurant and I ate lots of chips, pork and surprise birthday cake. All in all it was a great day even if I'm only just getting the feeling back in my frozen feet.

Today was a lazy one, I have been wanting to properly try wire wrapping  for aaaages and today I finally had some time to just sit down and mess about. It's always good fun trying something new and I have found out it is much, much more difficult than I imagined but at the same time I absolutely loved it. I have tonnes of ideas, especially using the glass cabochons that I love making. I need to start making some drawings and design ideas, something that doesn't come naturally as I'm more of a 'just do it now and see what happens'  kind of woman.

Here is a picture of today's make-

Lots of practice (and more planning!) needed I think.

Today while wire wrapping, I was distracted by two visitors to the garden. They were very, very cute.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to bake a birthday cake for my dad's birthday...this could go horribly wrong!

Have a great week :)

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Flowers, Shiney's and Pretty things.

It has been a lovely, sunny day, here though I haven't been out to take advantage of it. Instead I have been sat in front of my laptop catching up with emails, networking and general buggering about on the internet! The postman has just delivered some craft wire which I can't wait to have a play with, I have been wanting to try wire wrapping for such a long time and have finally taken the plunge and treated myself to some tools and supplies. I am going to see what I can do with the millions of glass cabochons and pendants I have made ( I am obsessed with them as they are so shiny!) Talking of cabochons- I made these last year and have only just got round to listing them on ebay ( a 5 week wait for a hospital bed then a month stay made me forget about them) Finally I feel ready to get back into the swing of crafting and listing after a very tough year health wise, I added it up and last year with the flu, pneumonia, chest infection and pickled kidneys, I spent about 15 weeks as an inpatient- no wonder I lost my making mojo!

If you fancy a nosey, the link to the listing is here 

Apart from today, the weather has been a bit dull and cold. I'm never really keen on this time of year, it's that miserable bit after Christmas but before Spring, everything seems to be in a bit of limbo. So I was very happy to see that my folks had brought home some daffodils to cheer up the kitchen. Funny how something so small can make you all smiley.

 As well as finally getting back into making, I have come out from under my rock and started to participate in the promotion of my fellow crafties. There are some wonderful things out there, here are just a selection of them. All the photos are links and take you to the items shown.

Have a great rest of the week!