Thursday, 30 January 2014

Crafty Folk

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Friday, 17 January 2014

The Crafty Folk.

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17 days later.

Well, that was a rude interruption! You could say life  took a bit of a road down a bad neighbourhood for a while, I don't want to bore you with the details, but it involved 19 days in hospital sorting out (well that was the plan) my kidney stone (it's still there, just in bits) three weeks at home where I picked up a virus (the common cold one) which has really hit me hard. I fought it for three weeks as I had a few important things going on that I didn't want to be away from. Plus I'd just done 19 days, I didn't want to go back in!

I woke up the Saturday after boxing day in epic, epic back pain and knew it was time to take myself to hospital. I must admit I was tempted to take a load of painkillers to see if I could ride it out but its a good job I didn't. I had to be admitted to the ward through casualty which was a novel experience and while there I  was found to have a heart rate of 150, sats of 84 (the measure of oxygen in the blood- it should be at least over 90 for me)  and a crp of 235. Crp measures how much infection you have, it should be under 10 so with 235 you can tell how rough I was!

Once on the ward I was put on oxygen and had to sleep with it on, something new for me and something I wasn't too happy about, it felt like it was a sign I was getting worse. Still, I sucked it up and did what I was told, I was pretty determined to get out, however every morning I'd wake up with the mask on top of my head so I'm not sure how much o2 I was actually getting!

Things gradually improved, after a week I was allowed off the oxygen in the day and not long after I was taken off it at night which was a massive relief!

I finally escaped after 17 days and have been enjoying my freedom, though not too much as I'm still a bit tired and I'm finding it hard to climb stairs as my legs have lost a lot of muscle mass. I think I'll need to give exercise a serious thought!

Hopefully I will have some crafty bits to show you in the next few days.