Thursday, 25 October 2012


I've had a great day, this morning I took my brand new stunt kite out to the beach to take it on its maiden voyage. After a few false starts I managed to get it in the air and doing some tricks. (well sort of, I think I need to practice.) The video is a little bit of flying, nothing fancy at all. I feel like a big kid! It is a lot harder than it looks as it was a real pull on my arms, I was shattered when I got home and just a bit achy. I think the sea air was good for my chest as I felt a bit less breathless. It makes sense really, as one of my  med's is salt water that I have to breathe in. Maybe they should put trips to the beach on prescription!

When I got in I checked my email and noticed I had two sales! I was really chuffed as I haven't sold anything this month. With those two sales I have doubled the amount I have sold. It is a great feeling knowing someone is willing to actually buy something I have made :)

I also noticed that  The Promotion Club Etsy team has two new members. Yey!  I am really enjoying running my own team, I love that it's promoting other sellers and I am enjoying 'meeting' new people.

Here is a treasury inspired by my trip to the beach. All the photos are links to the shops.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Retro Travel

Here is a Treasury for this weeks featured seller on the crafty folk Etsy team. This weeks winner was mish73 who has a shop full of vintage finds. All photos are links to the shops.

Retro Travels

Monday, 22 October 2012

Some of my favourite things..

These are some of my favourite things made by members of The Promotion Club All the photos are links to the shops :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Promotion Club

Hello! It is Handmade Monday time again :) It is number 89 already! Where has the time gone to?

I have had a very productive week business wise, ok no sales :( (in fact none this month) but I have made  a real effort to promote myself on facebook and have seen a tiny increase in views. I think it is the knock on effect of being the craftyfolk featured seller two weeks ago. I have also quite a few things ready and waiting to be listed, I just have to take some photos.

 The biggest thing I have done is start an Etsy team. I was pretty nervous about it tbh, I've never been good at being the leader of anything, I much prefer being in the background but I had an idea that I really wanted to try out. The idea is to post your facebook business page and the next 3 people to post on the thread with a link to their page,  shares something you have advertised to their personal page. And so on. The hope is to get more views. Say if each person that shares your item has 50 friends, well that's 150 more people that see your item and potentially views it on your shop. Does that make sense? I must admit, I keep waiting for someone to tell me my team is rubbish. I must work on my self belief!

This is the link to The Promotion Club if you wish to join-

I've not had any replies to the facebook shares thread so the more the merrier!

There are other threads too :)

I have listed and renewed a few things too, just click on the photos to be taken to the shop :)

In non crafty news- I went to archery again today and , not to sound big headed,but I have definitely improved. I am still the worst one there but at least nine times out of ten the arrow is actually hitting the target and today I got a gold (bullseye) but think that was more fluke than skill! Was well chuffed tho!

I was at clinic Wednesday, I expected my lung function to be rubbish but I was surprised that it was a 'not too bad for me' 36%  I have also managed to put on 2kg in 6 weeks! MASSIVE YEY! to that!

Have a great week everyone!