Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Creme Eggs and cheese Triangles

I'm home! Thank you so much for the lovely messages, they mean so much and have put a smile on my face :) It is so good to be back, I have two weeks of blog posts to catch up and read, I've really missed them all.

I'm still fairly tired but I think this is more to do with the drugs I'm on, I've one more day of these to do then I'm back to Manchester to get my needle out- ahhh I am so looking forward to having a proper bath and not being tied into a 4 times a day IV giving schedule. I did have one :S time while I was in, one of the meds they gave me seemed to make my vision go a bit funny- everything was bright and I was sick with it, thankfully they stopped the IV version and put me on tablets. I had a talk with the dietician while I was in, although my weight is ok I am finding it a struggle to keep it at a level it should be and I have been losing a pound or two here and there, they want me to have something called a peg (changed later on to a button) This is a tube that goes directly into your stomach so you can get extra calories while you sleep. At the moment I do ng feeding (tube up the nose) once or twice a week, with the stomach tube I'd be able to "feed" more often and get a bit of meat on me.I just hate the thought of something being visible all the time and the idea makes me a bit squeamish... It's a lot to think about and the dietician and I have come to the agreement that I will give it some serious thought and if I'm not heavier in 6 months I'll probably have it done. *bites nails* I haven't stopped eating since I got home though (I have a craving for creme eggs and cheese triangles, not at the same time!) so maybe I will get away with it!

I can't wait to get back to making, I had plenty of ideas while I was in but didn't note any of them down! Daft me! Still, I seen to have hit an ideas patch, don't you just love that when it happens? Next week is going to be a busy one I think!


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Yey and a :S

First I have to say a big thank you to Helen who awarded me a Liebster Blog Award! There are a few things I need to do to claim it and, along with the Versatile Blogger Award I got from Diomoglass, I am slowly working on it!  Getting the awards have really cheered me up! Lets just say the past few days have been... eventful!

I went to visit a friend on Tuesday in Manchester, it is our valentines day tradition to meet up and generally sulk! Hehe It stems from when we both became single in painful ways, neither of us could be doing with the overdose of romance, so decided to put a positive spin on the day. Now I'm not single but it's still pretty important to see my friend as he lives a good way from me and Manchester is out centre point, plus I think it's important to be a mate in the good times as well as bad.
Anyway... Tuesday was the the first time I had done more than potter around the house or go to the local shops and so I hadn't really noticed how rubbish my lungs had got. By the time I had got to Manchester I was shattered, breathless and generally felt a bit poo. Being a bit of a geek, and not wanting to traipse around the shops, we decided to take a short train ride to Manchester Airport and see if we could see the double decker Airbus take off. We did! I was so chuffed and probably produced a massive display of  overexcited geekery. I didn't have to do much more than stand at a fence in a pub garden but I really felt like I was overdoing it.Still, it was Valentines day and, after saying bye to my mate, I caught a train to see my boyfriend. He had bought me flowers! And chocolates! And I became all 'AWWWW!' It's the first romantic Valentines day I have had for 5 years and I was so happy. I know Valentines day is a bit commercialised but .. well...I am a bit daft when it comes to romantic things. So things were lovely, I was in a romantic haze of mushyness... then out of the blue my chest decided to play up. I won't go into much detail, it's a bit manky, lets just say I coughed something up that had no business being red (this isn't unusual for me except this time it was a bit more than normal). A car trip later and I was sitting in casualty, my protests that I had only just varnished my nails ignored as they cleaned one off so they could get an accurate reading on how much oxygen was in my blood..I had an xray and saw a doctor who let me go home as long as I promised to ring my cf team in the morning. My boyfriend, bless him, drove me home. I was scared but more than anything I was embarrassed, he's not seen that side of me before. I was also bitterly disappointed, I really wanted a special time, not the disaster that I got! I can't complain tho, not really.
My cf nurse rang me in the morning asking me to get to clinic that day and to bring some clothes with me (never a good sign) and sure enough I've been in hospital ever since. I feel safe here though, the doctors, nurses, physio's and dieticians are fantastic and also the rest of the people who run the ward. I was seen on Thursday and given a rough estimate of 10 days before I can go home. Obviously this can change (hopefully for the better!) so I will see what happens during ward round on Tuesday.

I am feeling much better, I'm on some heavy duty IV antibiotics and am getting plenty of rest, this is the first day I have been awake enough to use my laptop though I can feel my eyes getting heavy. So I will say ta ta for now, time for a nap I think!


Monday, 13 February 2012


It's been so cold these past few weeks that I have kept ventures out of my house to a bare minimum, something my lungs are happy about, they really don't like the cold. Probably subconsciously because of the cold, I have been adding to my epic beadspread, I am  loving the random, bright colours, it really reminds me of summer, I'm not sure why, but looking at it makes me feel a bit warmer :) It's really coming along now :) it should be finished by next winter!
Just a quick post from me this week (I owe a friend a loooong chat tonight!) be sure to check out Handmade Monday by Wendy, Also a massive thank you to diomoglass who nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award! Yey! I have some rules to follow before I can claim it, hopefully this will be done in the coming week!